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Laser Industry Association (LasIA) is a service organisation for the industry which is not involved in laser business with own products. Our goal is to define and provide open standards for interfaces, algorithms, hardware products and communication protocols which then can be used by any vendor and which guarantee interoperability between products from different manufacturers.

Originally Laser Industry Association was founded by companies of the laser marking industry. To avoid strategical and political problems and to punctuate independence of LasIA, these founding members do not appear anywhere as accentuate members of the LasIA and do not act as controlling instance. Thus LasIA can provide its services completely independent in any standardisation process. And every company from laser business is invited to take part!
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Recent news and updates:
  • XY3-100 Digital Scanner Interface version 1.1

    Status: standardisation request, ready for contributions

    Standard: no standard adopted yet

    Description: This is an update for the already existing standard XY3-100 / LIA202002, introduction of new features

  • Scanhead Analog Control Interface Standard

    Status: standardisation successful, specification available for download

    Standard: LIA202102

    Description: For XY2-100 and XY3-100 digitally controlled scanheads there exists a clear an unique description of the hardware interface and pinout of the used connector, but no such interface exists for scanheads that make use of analog control signals. Thus it is the goal of this standard to provide a defined hardware interface which is used by both, controller cards and analogue controlled scanheads avoiding the necessity for proprietary wiring and cable manufacturing.

  • CO2/YAG Laser Interface Standard

    Status: standardisation successful, specification available for download

    Standard: LIA202101

    Description: While for majority of MOPA/fiber lasers there is a more or less common interface available which is used by most vendors at least in some compatible way, no such interface exists for CO2 or YAG lasers. It is the goal of this standard to provide a defined hardware interface which is used by both, controller cards and lasers avoiding the necessity for complex and proprietary wiring and cable manufacturing. This standard describes a hardware interface which gives the possibility to connect controller and laser with one single cable that establishes a simple 1:1 connection

  • XY3-100 Digital Scanner Interface

    Status: standardisation successful, specification available for download, hardware verification and certification possible

    Standard: LIA202002

    Description: For decades XY2-100 has been the ultimate standard for digital laser scanhead control. This protocol was open to the public, easy to use and therefore accepted by all nameable vendors of scanners and controllers. Despite its big success this protocol is somewhat outdated now: limited to 16 bit working area resolution and with an even more limited backchannel, it is no longer suitable for nowadays applications.

    Thus its successor is available now, the XY3-100™ scanner communication protocol:

    Since this new protocol offers much more options, functions and possibilities, it is also more complex. Resulting from that, the LasIA offers the possibility to certify own hardware and devices to be fully XY3-100™ compliant and to ensure interoperability with other compliant XY3-100 devices.

    So there are two possibilities for vendors of XY3-100™ hardware:
    • As the owner of the copyright and trade name rights of XY3-100™ protocol and name, LasIA allows vendors that think their implementation of the XY3-100 protocol is conform to the specification, can name these devices "XY3-100 compatible". But they are not allowed to name it "compliant", "certified", "guaranteed compatible" or in any other way that implies a guaranteed conformity to the XY3-100™ standard or guaranteed interoperability with other XY3-100™ devices. Usage of the XY3-100™ logo is also not allowed for such devices.

    • Vendors that want to name their products "XY3-100 certified" or want to guarantee interoperability with any other XY3-100™ certified devices, or want to use the official XY3-100™ logo (as shown above), require official permission by LasIA. This permission is given after hardware has passed a verification and certification procedure, which can be requested here

Do you have any questions, comments ideas or other feedback regarding the purpose and activities of LasIA? Feel free to contact us!

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