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XY3-100™ Certification

Certification of own hardware to the new XY3-100™ scanner interface standard provides the following benefits:
  • Interoperability with other XY3-100™ devices is guaranteed
  • The official XY3-100™ logo (as shown above) can be used to clearly identify your hardware as XY3-100-compliant
  • Hardware can be official announced as XY3-100-compliant and interoperable with other XY3-100-certified devices
  • Your hardware is shown on our official list of XY3-100™ compliant products
...or to sum it up: your hardware will come with the XY3-100™ quality sign, identifying it to your customers as professional product on the very first view!

Please note: LasIA owns all rights to related intellectual property and has registered the XY3-100™ logo as a trademark. LasIA grants the right to use the XY3-100™ logo and the "guarantee for compatibility" only to vendors which have successfully completed the certification procedure. Once this certification is done, LasIA will never request any further licensing fees. This will be guaranteed together with the hardware certificate you receive at the end of the full certification process.

So that's how the certification process works:
  1. Get in touch with us for further information or to invoke a certification process
  2. Receive the certification request form which is used to get additional information about your product
  3. Based on this form we provide information about the certification fees to be expected
  4. Send your hardware to the laboratory which will perform the validation and certification tests (shipping address will be provided)
  5. Now our engineers will test the product, check if it is conform to the standard and help you to identify and fix possible problems or issues
  6. Once all possible problems are fixed and your product works fully conform to the specification, you receive the certificate of conformity which grants you the right to use the XY3-100™ logo and to official name your product as conform to the XY3-100-standard!
    With this certificate you also will receive the login-data which give you access to the XY3-100™ artwork you are allowed to use now.

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